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  • When does the season start?
    The practices will start in the beginning of December.
  • How long does the season last?
    The season typically lasts for 4-5 months. Our regional and national teams will play through the Lone Star Classic in early May and will compete to qualify in the Junior Olympic Championship. Any of our teams my elect to participate in other events, which would be discussed and decided upon prior to the season.
  • What should I expect at tryouts?
    Tryouts will be divided by age divisions mandated by USA Volleyball. Players will go through a series of drills with coaches evaluating their skills. There will be some group play along with individual skill introduction and evaluation. Players may be moved to different courts during the tryout so that different coaches may evaluate the skills in our efforts to find the best fit and team environment. In addition to skill evaluation, players will be evaluated on court play, team play, and enthusiasm and attitude! Due to the limited availability of facilities and coaches, we will only keep the number of players that we can effectively accommodate. Usually at least one team in each age group, but this varies season to season. We will keep approximately 10 - 12 players per team. The players will be selected the same day as tryouts and the results will be communicated shortly after the tryouts.
  • What age group should I tryout for?
    Players must attend the tryout for their age as defined by USAV Volleyball. Please make sure to check and verify your child’s age when selecting which age group she will be trying out for; failure to do so will disqualify your child from participating on a club team. You can find the age chart here. For eligibility purposes, a player who has just completed a grade in the Spring of 2011 will be considered in that grade just completed. Players need not be currently enrolled in high school except as noted below. Once a player participates in a club or varsity program for any university, college, community college, or junior college, he/she is ineligible to play in any regional or national JOVC qualifying or championship events.Players may be invited back by the club director to tryout for an upper age level team after attending their age level tryout. There will not be any additional fees added for a second tryout. Please let a club director know if you are invited for second tryout if you are not interested in playing up in age levels. If we invite you to a second tryout, you are already secured a position on a team.
  • Who will be my Coach?  Do you know who will be coaching each team?
    We will rarely disclose coaching information prior to our parent's night meeting. The reason is simple. We wait to finalize our coaching staff until the tryouts have completed and we have time to analyze our potential teams. We pride ourselves on being able to select the "right" coach for each team based on that team's make-up and personality. We feel that we have been successful in taking this approach and will continue this philosophy as we move forward. Also, we want to discourage players from coming to Max Performance Volleyball solely for the purpose of playing for an individual coach. We want our players to believe in our system and our entire coaching staff, as players will work with several coaches throughout the season and will have many different coaches throughout their careers.
  • How often do we play in tournaments?
    Regional and National teams usually participate on average of 2 tournaments per month over the course of a season. The tournaments are typically played on either Saturday or Sunday, or both. All the practice and tournament information will be maintained on the specific team pages within the main Max Performance Volleyball website. Please check your team's page frequently to keep up to date with important information. Again, all schedules are always subject to change.
  • Do you have a question we haven't answered?
    Please feel free to contact us!
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