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Max Scholarship Fund

Your Generosity Makes This Possible


Max Performance Volleyball is a club for girls ages 8-18. Our mission is to help athletes reach their full potential both on and off the court. We train and motivate athletes to learn volleyball specific skills, communication skills, and teamwork to achieve goals during practice and during competition. We are open to all, regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomics. As educators and coaches, we realize the importance of sports to cultivate our future female leaders.

The Max Scholarship Fund was created to give all volleyball players the opportunity to play, regardless of their ability to pay. Your donations go directly to our athletes who need it most.

Ways to Give:

  • Donate to the Foundation:

     When you support the Max Scholarship Fund, you become part of a local and national movement allowing                girls the opportunity to play competitive volleyball with exposure to collegiate opportunities. You have the              option of donating monthly or we welcome your charitable donations of any amount.  

  • Corporate or Individual Sponsorship: 

      The generosity of business or individual sponsorships allows us to make an even broader impact on young             athletes in our community. Many companies have giving programs or will match employee charity donations.          Please ask your employer what type of giving programs they might have.  

        Max Scholarship Fund Sponsorship Form

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