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A message from Coach Dreier:

Hello Max Family-


I wanted to check in and say I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  I know what a struggle this is, especially when our children aren't able to do what they love.  I miss watching them play and enjoy their teammates and the game.  We will continue to update you on the future as we get updates from the many organizations making decisions. 


For those who are interested.  I will be posting weekly workouts on the Max Website.  It will include a physical workout and a skills practice that the athletes can do on their own with a ball.  Parents and siblings, feel free to participate!  It's important that the kids stay active and get their hands on a ball whenever possible.  


I truly hope to see you all soon.  We miss all of your faces.


Take care,


Coach Dreier

Max Performance Volleyball Workout  


4 Rounds


  1. Air Squats (15)

  2. Tricep Dips (15)

  3. Planks (15-30-45-60 seconds)

  4. Tuck Jumps (15)

  5. Push-ups (10)

  6. Lunges (8 ea leg)

  7. Burpees (10)

  8. Line Jumps    

    1. Front to back - 30

    2. Side to side - 30


Individual Skills 4 Rounds!


  1. High-Low passing (25)

  2. High-Low Setting (25)

  3. Right Fist/Left Fist (15)

  4. Right Arm/Left Arm (25)

  5. Tomahawk (15)

  6. Pass-set-to-self (25)

  7. 6-touch single pepper (10X)

  8. Wall hits (spike)-continuous (25)

  9. Sit-up setting (15)

  10. Pass against wall (30)

  11. Wall sets (100), Right hand (50)/Left hand (50)

  12. Hit/Dig against wall (15)

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